First seen: October 16, 2016, 9:55 am
Last seen: 8 months ago
Count: 6205
Playtime on record: 103:25
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Player's favorit servers

# server name time spent on server
1[LoA] Land of Anonymus PvE [GER] TS:
2PHF Clan server01:44:00
3Dayz yamaha.7901:18:00
4DayZ MO 2-16 (Public/Veteran) - Hosted by GameServers.com00:46:00
5DayZ FR 2-1 (Public/Veteran) - Hosted by GameServers.com00:43:00
6Russian DayZ server (Public/Veteran)00:30:00
7Dannebrog Gaming - Denmark00:01:00